Treatment Overview: What's Right for You?


It turns out that getting your skin in shape isn’t much different than getting your body in shape. Exercise your routine every day (ideally twice!), say no to cheat days, avoid makeup binging and switch up your products to keep your skin in peak condition. Think of aestheticians as the personal trainers for your skin! We’re here to help you and show that results are possible. If you’re trying to take short cuts or rely on ‘miracle’ products, your skin will never acclimate and you’ll be on an endless skincare merry-go-round.

The beauty industry often gets labeled as vain; but, actually, skincare is just self-care. And whether you decide to stick with the basics or to become a skin care addict, it’s important to simply take time for yourself. If you prioritize your skincare the way you prioritize your love for organic foods and getting your best beach bod, then you will have radiant, youthful, clear skin as a result.


In an effort to give our clients the best, happiest skin,
we have been cooking up a new treatment that you’re sure to love.

Favorite Facial Treatment (45 minutes, $75+) 

Why have just one advanced treatment done in your session when you can have two?! Dermaplaning AND a chemical peel? You've got it! Serious extractions PLUS microdermabrasion? Happy to accommodate! These examples are just the tip of the iceberg because we can do just about anything in this treatment. It will be a real game changer for your face!  It’s great for new and existing clients! Leave it to us to design the perfect combination for you and your skin.


Here is a quick recap of all the options and whom they benefit:

Acne Clearing Treatment for New Clients:

This comprehensive 80-minute treatment is all about giving you knowledge about acne, because we believe knowledge is power! We spend time talking through your skin history and learning everything that goes on your skin. We tackle your acne issues in a way that gives you tangible results. We carefully teach you how to use your new products. This treatment is great for anyone from the occasional and often ill-timed pimple, to clients who feel at a dead end with their skin. If you are a new client and are at all acne prone, or worried about the scarring/pigmentation that acne left behind, this treatment is ideal. 

Acne Clearing Facial for Return Clients:

This is for clients who have done the new acne client treatment. Results can take time, homecare, and typically 2-6 return sessions. Clear skin happens at its quickest with thorough extractions. We will prep your skin with a steamed enzymatic peel and then extract everything possible, leaving you clear and closer to the complexion that you will love. This treatment is great for the first few treatments after the initial new acne clearing session or any acne prone clients who haven’t been in for a while. 

Focused Facial Treatment:

A 30-minute, no nonsense, treatment that focuses in on peels, dermaplaning, light extractions with an enzyme peel, or microdermabrasion. It includes brief extractions (because we love extractions) but then jumps right in to tackle your specific skin care needs. This is a great option for clients who like to come in every 2-4 weeks to get fast results, and for clients who prefer a non fluff, budget friendly treatment. Ideal for existing clients or new clients with little to no extractions.  

The Signature Treatment:

It’s not just Botox that keep the celebrities looking young, it’s all the luxury facials they get as well. This hour-long treatment has it all, and even some relaxing massage while we let products sink deep into your skin. This isn’t just the classic 60 minute facial that has become the Estheticians staple because it includes your own customized advanced modalities (we’re talking about microdermabrasion, chemical and enzyme peels, dermaplaning, LED light, micro-current, etc.) without the up charges and all that decision making. You will float away to your happy place while your skin with be transformed. This is a great option for anyone that is looking for a little luxury to go with their treatment, and also anyone who wants to tone up their neck and décolleté. Great for new and existing clients. 

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If you are still unsure, please feel free to reach out to us directly! We are more than happy to talk you through the best options for your needs.

Cassie Fehlen