“The reviews are true! This place is beyond amazing! I've only had my first appointment with Pamela and I feel like I saw a HUGE difference with my skin. Pamela took the time to go through the ingredients of the items that I used daily. She showed me the ingredients that I should look out for and the products that I should try to shelf away for a little while. She was not pushy with buying products that she recommended. She even gave me an alternative i could use for a drugstore sunscreen. I bought the cleanser, lotion, and drops that she recommended. I already see a difference in just changing my products! I didn't realize that a lot of my make up was what was clogging up my pores and contributing to my skin. She gave me amazing suggestions like trying the BareMinerals Original Powder Foundation. (If you're wondering about cosmetics that are non-comedogenic, then check out their blog!) I thought the entire process was so relaxing! (Even the extractions!) I'll definitely be back here for forever!”

-Mandy H. via Yelp


“Kelly has literally transformed my skin. I have suffered with bumpy, acne-prone skin with cysts my entire life. I tried everything over the counter and prescription that I could find and nothing ever worked.  Weekly appointments and the amazing products have changed my skin and I can now face the world without makeup, something I never imagined would happen. If you're looking for a miracle, don't wait, book an appointment now!”

-Joy S. via Yelp


“Love love love this place!! Had my very first facial as I had lost all hope for my skin being in my mid 20s and it did NOT disappoint!! I got the signature facial with microdermabrasion and Oh. My. God. My skin felt amazing after and still does over 2 weeks later! Kelly was so friendly and warm and extremely knowledgeable. She recommended one of their moisturizers and sent me home with a sample of it which has worked amazingly with my skin! She also made makeup recommendations that I’ve since changed to and I haven’t broken out when I wear it! I would seriously recommend this place especially if you’re at a loss with your skin. Amazing services products and estheticians :) I will definitely be back next time I’m in town.”

-Arielle W. via Facebook



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