We are here to remind you that you are beautiful. But not just the kind of beautiful that graces the cover of tabloids or Instagram posts. You possess the kind of beauty that is strong and timeless. No matter how your skin may appear, our goal is to ensure that you feel clear, confident and gorgeous both inside and out.

We also want you to know that we are madly in love with skin. We read about it daily. We dream about it nightly. We even research and gush about our favorite products in our free time. To us, skincare is so much more than a one-and-done service. It’s truly a way of life. If you have chosen our studio, you are here because you’re serious about your skin. You are not coming to us for a facial; you are here because you desire personalized skincare treatment. You chose Skin MPLS because you want to learn more about your skin and how to best care for it. You have chosen the experts.

To be candid, we aren’t like other spas. We do some hefty work on your skin using a variety of advanced skin treatment modalities to get it looking it’s very best. We provide an enjoyable environment and ensure your comfort. Clear, glowing skin is the ultimate goal, but we make sure every detail is carefully considered from the moment you walk into the studio to the time you depart. You’ll notice we don’t even play spa music. We play music music. We decorate our walls with the art that we adore. We are more than just a spa; we’re a skincare oasis.

Whether you’ve been coming here for years or you are just booking your first appointment, we want you to know how much we appreciate you. We feel so fortunate to be a trusted part of your routine. We hope we get to see you soon!


Cassie, Founder of Skin MPLS