Back Away from the Beauty Aisle: Beware of Junk Skincare!



Remember being a kid in a candy store? Your younger, wide-eyed self would gawk at all of the colorful, sugar-filled goodies. As an adult, this is pretty much the feeling you get walking into Sephora. But instead of stocking up on sweets, your shopping bag is full of trendy and expensive skincare and makeup products. Your wallet feels a little emptier, and you’ve fueled your “junk skincare” cravings.


When it comes to the beauty industry, nearly everything comes at a cost. Sometimes it’s money and other times, it’s an unwelcomed “visitor” on your face. All of that delicious, junk makeup can (and will) clog your pores. For those of us that are already prone to acne, suffocating your pores with fatty waxes, oils and esters can cause a full-on fiesta for acne bacteria.

The acne prone pore doesn’t just feast on your primers, foundations, concealers, highlighters, setting sprays, radiance drops (man, what do all these things even do?). They also live in your night creams, essential oil blends and your whipped-butter-like-clay-masks you love to snap Instagram selfies with. And don’t be fooled by terms like non-comedogenic, blemish repair or oil-free! These terms aren’t regulated, so these products can be about as healthy for your skin as low-fat mayonnaise.


So what’s a gal to do? Leave it to the professionals. Consider us “the dieticians of acne”. We know what to feed acne and also how to starve it out to make it go away for good! At Skin MPLS, we’ve memorized a specific and lengthy list of complicated cosmetic ingredients that are problematic for acne. To be completely honest, we know them better than the lyrics of Baby One More Time. Britney would be so proud.

We promise that clear skin is possible, you just have to start making the right choices. So while you’re spring cleaning, take a look at those bathroom cabinets and feel free to bring the half-used bottles and free samples to your next appointment. We will help you sort out which ones to toss and which to keep.


Lastly, we carefully selected a small number of trusted skincare lines because we know they work. So, next time you get a craving to browse the aisles at Ulta or scroll through Pinterest for makeup recommendations, just remember us! Avoid the makeup aisle and come visit us for a skincare re-vamp.

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Cassie Fehlen