Trick Acne + Treat Your Skin this Fall


Our hormones can fluctuate in the fall. And fluctuating hormones can cause sebum (better known as oil) to rise from the grave and haunt our pores. This means our skin is more susceptible to things like dirty makeup brushes and pillowcases. Even items like eyeglasses can cause new pimples. Now is the time to take all precautions necessary! Just like garlic cloves repel vampires, trick your acne with esthetician-prescribed Vivant skincare system used up to twice a day. 

Now more than ever, you will want to avoid pore-cloggers which irritate the skin and can exacerbate breakouts. These ingredients can be found in certain skincare, but they are also used in laundry, hair and body products. Even vitamins and supplements can exacerbate acne! We can help you to identify what these ingredients are - just send us over the list of ingredients in any product you’re uncertain about. We can easily spook acne away with this fool-proof method!

In addition to acne, autumn is when we see the most reactions in skin. Allergies are high, and the flu/cold season is back. If the same products you have been using are now starting to cause reactions, if your skin is feeling more sensitive, or you have developed a rash, we want to assure you that this is common. Reach out to your esthetician, and they will help you know if you need to seek medical attention or if you can treat the symptoms on your own. The fix may be as simple as tweaking and altering your skin care routine.

As the temperatures drop, it’s natural to want to stay inside and hide. But that doesn’t mean you can avoid seasonal changes all together. It’s important to make sure you are sticking with your appointments and routine regularly. What you do now will have a lasting impact on your complexion and skin health for months to come. Don’t be tempted to stay home and skip treatments! Cozy up and come to our studio. Treat yourself - we promise you won’t regret it. 

If your skin is feeling a little under the weather, book your next appointment now! We can’t wait to see you.

Cassie Fehlen