Vital Vitamins for Skincare: The ABEC's

When it comes to wellness and vitamins, many people assume the best way to get the benefits of vitamin is to consume them orally. But what if we told you the most effective way to get the best results is to apply them topically? It’s true! Keep reading - we’ll explain everything.

In some instances, taking vitamins orally may actually have the opposite effect of clear skin. Biotin is usually touted as a vitamin that is good for your skin, hair and nails. However, we have a dirty little secret about multivitamins. Some actually contain iodine and biotin which have been known to cause acne. Other vitamins like B12 have also been linked to skin issues when taken in excess. If you are unsure about your current supplements and vitamins, bring them into your next Skin MPLS appointment, and we can help you evaluate them! Our goal is to help give you happy skin, and we promise to provide honest feedback and recommendations.

So, what vitamins are vital for improving your skin? The answers are vitamins A, C, E + B!

Vitamin A:

Any of our customers and close friends know that Vitamin A is our favorite skin vitamin. Vitamin A is an incredible nutrient for the skin that has countless benefits. When applied topically, vitamin A helps to peel and purge the pores to prevent and treat acne. It also kicks off desquamation (simply said: shed or exfoliate) on the surface of the skin, which helps to even hyperpigmentation, fade scarring and improve wrinkles. Every time this cellular turnover happens, new elastin and collagen is stimulated, which helps to plump and lift the skin. This ninja vitamin also refines pores and gives a skin a beautiful glow. What more could you ask of Mother Nature?

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Vitamin B:

Niacinamide is the most commonly used B vitamin in skincare. Vitamin B used topically works as a melanin blocker which helps in our pursuit of even skin tone. This nutrient is also known to be anti-inflammatory and aids in calming redness and irritation. 

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Vitamin C:

One of the most effective and strongest topical skin antioxidants, vitamin C is also known for its ability to brighten and even skin tone. Think of this antioxidant vitamin as a shield against free radical damage that would otherwise lead to premature aging. The vitamin C neutralizes its free radical enemies and leaves your skin looking fabulous.

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Vitamin E:

Also known as Tocopherol, vitamin E is another antioxidant vitamin in skincare that protects against free radicals and their damaging effects to DNA. More impressively, vitamin E pairs with vitamin C to help absorb UV energy, which also protects skin from photo-aging.

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So, now that you’ve learned all about which vitamins are great topical agents, it’s time to pick up a few and try them for yourself. To get personalized recommendations on what is right for you, ask your aesthetician for a custom product package at your next appointment. If you know what you need, save time and order products online at!

Keep an eye on our blog for our next iteration of this series. Cassie will be sharing more about the magnificent minerals and their beauty benefits! And as always, follow @SkinMPLS on Instagram for more exclusive tips, tricks and information.

Cassie Fehlen