Freshly Picked: 4 Rose Products We Love

Grab a glass of your favorite rosé and settle in for a good read. This week, we are going beyond pretty petals and beautiful bouquets to show you why rose-based products are here to stay in the beauty industry.


History of Roses:

For centuries, roses have been a symbol of love and affection. The thorny flower has long been referenced in many different cultural moments across the ages including Greek mythology, Shakespeare novels, fairytale stories and even classic rock bands – cue the Guns N’ Roses playlist! Roses are most notably a symbol of affection and have been competing with chocolate as the go-to gift for loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

In fact, according to FTD, different colored roses symbolize different meanings:

  • Red roses symbolize love and romance

  • Pink roses symbolize gratitude, grace, admiration, and joy

  • Orange roses symbolize enthusiasm and passion

  • Yellow roses symbolize friendship

  • White roses symbolize innocence and purity


Why Roses?

So, why are people reaching for rose-based products now more than ever? Of course, the scent of these products is refreshing, relaxing and natural. Roses are also known for their natural antioxidants (specifically vitamin C) which can help protect your skin from sun damage. If you are looking for products to keep your skin moist and smooth, rose products are the perfect option. They contain natural oils that help retain moisture in the skin, especially for those with a particularly sensitive complexion. They also have antibacterial properties and anti-inflammatory benefits which can be helpful for swelling, Rosecea and even tough-to-treat eczema conditions. Rose can also be used as a toning and astringent substitute for those who are looking to switch from alcohol-based products.

“We’re thrilled to have an assortment of acne-safe rose products at Skin MPLS. So many products that are required to treat acne aren’t always aromatically pleasing or gorgeous to the touch, but with these pure rose based products, we’re happy to offer our acne clients some beautiful products they can feel safe using on their skin.”

-Cassie, owner and aesthetician at Skin MPLS

Now that we’ve told you why we stand by the benefits of rose, here is a list of four products we recommend. We think you’ll love them, too!


1) LQD ROSE Antioxidant Rose Petal Mist

Pretty packaging is just the beginning. Solaris Laboratories mastered the process from plant health, soil quality, climate and distillation method of roses to craft the perfect product for your skin. LQD ROSE only uses one simple ingredient: steam distilled rose petal water containing vitamins, nutritious compounds and microscopic rose oil.

Here are a few ways LQD Rose can be beneficial:

  • Improves clarity

  • Contributes to beautiful radiant skin

  • Uplifts mood, the aroma is uplifting and can be used to combat anxiety and calm the mind

  • Balancing

  • Hydrating and anti-inflammatory

  • Maintains pH

  • Stimulates regeneration processes

  • Calming to acne and sunburns

  • Can be used as toner

  • Mild antiseptic

Cost: $29.99 + FREE SHIPPING on

2) The Rosehip Oil

Throughout ancient history, rosehip oil was known to have been used by Mayans and Egyptians for healing purposes. In recent years, research and trials have shown that this miracle oil keeps skin moist, helps with inflammation and has regenerative effects on the skin. 

According to Solaris Laboratories, this finely made oil can quickly absorb into the skin and can help with the following skin concerns:

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Reduces hyperpigmentation due to sun damage

  • Brightens and hydrates the skin

  • Reduces dark circles

  • Doesn’t clog pores

  • Firms and improves skin texture

Cost: $39.99 + FREE SHIPPING on

3) Gua Sha Brazilian Rose Quartz Facial Massage Tool

If you’ve never heard of Gua Sha, you certainly aren’t alone. Gua Sha is known as a treatment technique that involves pulling ergonomically designed rose quartz stone along the skin. When the tool is properly used, the skin layers are stimulated to help reduce puffiness, promote anti-aging and even flush out tissues through your lymphatic drainage system. It’s pain free, surgery free and all natural. What’s not to love?

If you have concerns with or want improvement in the following areas, this Gua Sha rose quartz stone is a great option:

  • Firms facial muscles

  • Smoothens out skin

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Improves dark circles

  • Reduces eye and facial puffiness

  • Increases glow and radiance

Cost: $26 + FREE SHIPPING on

4) Smith’s Rosebud Salve

Especially in the Midwest, we deal with volatile weather conditions in almost every season. There’s a good chance that you’ve experience dry lips and skin, especially in the colder winter months. What most lip care companies don’t disclose to their customers is that there are a number of chemicals and drying agents in the products that can make your lips even drier and more uncomfortable. Be sure to check the labels of your current lip products for anything with alcohol – you’ll want to toss those in the trash and switch to something natural.

The solution? A classic rose salve! Smith’s was created in 1895 and has stood the test of time. This Skin MPLS favorite helps calm irritated skin and can even provide assistance with minor burns. The natural, inexpensive balm can soothe chapped lips and even tackle pesky dry elbows in dry climates. Plus, it has a pleasing and slight rosy scent!

“We and our clients will testify that this is the only lip product that can hold up through an entire night’s sleep during the dry winter months. When I wake up in the morning, my lips still feel moisturized!”

-Pamela, aesthetician at Skin MPLS

This small, portable tin is perfect for so many occasions:

  • Keep handy in your car for a quick lip pick-me-up

  • Stow away a tin in your purse when you’re out running errands

  • Keep in a diaper bag if you have children as a quick solution for burns, scrapes or dry lips

  • Store at your desk at work or your home office

Cost: $7 at the Skin MPLS studio. Pick one up at your next appointment!

Curious about any of these products? Ask Kelly, Cassie or Pamela for recommendations at your next appointment. They are experienced, knowledgeable and want to help you find the right skincare solutions for your needs.

Keep an eye on our blog and Instagram page for more complimentary skin tips and advice. Don’t forget to order your favorite products and book your next appointment on Fall is on the horizon, and spots are filling up fast!

Cassie Fehlen