Our gentle, yet effective and thorough, waxing method will remove all of your unwanted hair – even the stubborn ones.


Facial Waxing

Eyebrow Design   |   $25+
Includes an eyebrow design consultation, waxing, tweezing and application of eyebrow products to enhance your freshly designed brows. You'll be able to head back to work or anywhere else; any redness will be minimal and covered with cosmetics.

Lip Wax   |   $10+

Chin Wax, Nostril Wax or Other Facial Area Wax   |   $15+

Full Face Wax   |   $50+


Tinting Services

Tinting gives fullness to the brows and lashes by dying each and every small hair. This gives you thickness you never knew you had.

Eyebrow Tint   |   $15+

Eyelash Tint   |   $25+


Body Waxing Services (not accepting new clients)

Our expert waxing combined with your commitment to body exfoliation will keep your waxed areas smooth, smooth, smooth.

Underarm Wax   |   $20+

Brazilian Wax   |   $50+

Bikini Wax   |   $30+

Ingrown Hair Removal, 15 mins   |   $15
Choose this service if you are prone to excessive ingrown hairs and need them extracted. Common on the chin and bikini areas.